Chris Souliotis begins the transition of mentoring young, gifted drivers that can benefit from years of his experience and knowledge of the tracks at which the champ car atlantic series competes. His goal is to help underfunded, talented drivers and help such drivers to partner with various corporations to make the progression to the Champcar World Series.

When he’s not fixing teeth he’s racing Formula Atlantics or Porsches. What started as a hobby ten years ago has become a passion to race and win in everything he drives. Souliotis has been the Canadian GT Champion in 01, 02 and 03. He has numerous victories to his credit and has won the pro racing West Coast Challenge in P1 category.

Dr. Souliotis has been racing Porsche’s since 1994. He started testing and did a few open wheel races in 04. In his first ever Toyota Atlantic race he finished ninth and was hooked. Souliotis has decided to live the dream and try for Champcar and eventual team ownership. Trying to balance a busy dental career and racing cars on his own led to the formation of Bite Racing. What started with one mechanic has now led to a crew of ten!

Chris grew up with team mate Daryl Leiski in the Prince George area and went on to get a degree in Biology and Biochemistry from UVIC, later he went to UBC for his dental degree. Dr. Souliotis has a successful cosmetic family practice in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Chris is married to wife Laura and has three kids: Mary-Kate, Evan and Lily who all enjoy going to the racetrack.