As a golf professional, journalist, and television producer, Brad Ewart has developed a unique career in the game of golf: “Step onto the first tee and into my office.”

During his 25-year golf career, Brad has experienced some of the finer things in life that the game has to offer. Along the way, he has golfed with the King of Malaysia, played alongside some of the best players in the game, and, as a journalist, interviewed most of the top golfers in the world.

The Canadian golfer played on the Asian P.G.A. Tour before spending time in Japan as a golf instructor and journalist. In Canada, Brad works as a television producer, teaching professional, and golf course marketing consultant. For the past four years, Brad has also been the media chairman for the P.G.A. Tour event in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: the Air Canada Championship.

As the host of “The Golf Show”, Brad brings his perspective on the game of golf to viewers in an informed, professional, and entertaining manner. “The Golf Show” appears every week in Canada on CTV SportsNet, reaching over 6 million homes across the country.

From the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland to the Royal Calcutta G.C. in India, Brad has, to this point, played 486 courses around the world. As a reporter, he has covered the Masters in Augusta, Georgia; the U.S. Open in Pebble Beach and Oak Hills; as well as numerous P.G.A. Tour, J.P.G.A., and L.P.G.A. events.


Brad’s celebrity speaking engagements consist of exciting and interesting personal golf anecdotes as well as an impressive trick show demonstration: entertain your clients at your next corporate outing with Brad and his unique bag of trick shots that will leave everyone laughing and yearning for more!

Brad’s performance includes shots from the knees; off of three-foot high tees; with five-foot long and rubber-shafted clubs; left-handed; out of boxes; and more. In fact, he carries with him more than 30 clubs of different shapes and sizes!