After playing 15 seasons in the National Hockey League Ryan Walter retired from professional hockey in 1993. Drafted second overall by the Washington Capitals in 1978, Ryan was Captain of the team in his 4 years. Ryan then went on to play 9 seasons with the Montreal Canadiens, winning a Stanley Cup in 1986. Returning to his home town of Vancouver in 1992, Ryan finished his career by playing 2 years for the Canucks.

Ryan was also Captain of Team Canada’s World Junior Team and, over the course of his career, was selected to play in the 1983 NHL All-Star Game, for Team Canada in 4 World Championships, and was named NHL “Man of the Year” in 1992 for his contributions on and off the ice.

During his final year in the NHL, Ryan reached the 1000 games played milestone, and upon retirement, represented the Vancouver Canucks as their 25th Anniversary Ambassador.

As a motivational speaker Ryan Walter has developed his public speaking expertise over 25 years and has hands-on experience in the areas of personal achievement and team building. In his speaking, Ryan shares principles from the NHL that are creatively transferable to all of business, with specific respect to employee work habits, vision, and overall life. Ryan is a “life-time learner” and, as such, each of the principles enthusiastically espoused in his presentations are reinforced with multiple stories and anecdotes.

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